Amelie’s Family

Thank you for the last four years, looking after Amelie from 4 months old and now four years and starting school next week.  You and your team should be very proud of the influence you have on Amelie, teaching her lots of new thing, encouraging her to try something new and embracing her creativity! You’ve done a fantastic job! Thank you! So sad to be leaving, the next school have a lot to live up to!

Young Family

We just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you for caring for Isabelle so well over the past 2.5 years.

It is so emotional to think the baby that joined you in 2018 is now an independent sassy little girl going off to her big pre-school.

We are so grateful that we get to begin the journey all over again next year with Harry.

Lots of love

Claire and Jon Young

Poppy’s Family

We really cannot thank you enough for being so loving, caring and attentive.  Poppy has been so happy and has learnt so much. We will mis you all!

Thank you for every day that you took care of me when I played,

For all the things that I learnt,

Like being fair and taking turns.

For time you spent teaching ABCs,

Wiping tears for skinned up knees,

For knowing a hug is what I need,

With song time and books to read,

For the tenderness you impart,

Teaching me to be kind at heart.

For teaching songs I love to sing,

As we all hold hands in a friendship ring,

For being there when mummy couldn’t be

For making so many special memories!

Love from Poppy xxx