Plan UK Sponsorship

La Petite École have set up a sponsorship scheme through PLAN U.K. We have been involved with this very worthwhile cause for a number of years and it is a unique form of supporting overseas communities and helps children and their families through long term projects.

In total we sponsor six children from different communities around the world – India, China, Guinea, Sri Lanka, Guinea-Bissau and El Salvador – and our sponsorship helps to build schools, educate the families about hygiene, installing water systems, raising awareness of reproductive health etc.

We receive regular updates about the children’s progress with photos and details of their daily routines. The pre-school children correspond with the sponsored children by sending pictures and details of their own activities. We feel it is important for them to have some understanding of the lives of children from different cultures outside of Jersey and this contact provides invaluable context for the aspects of the curriculum relating to the world in which we live.